Y-wing Part 1

I have been busy these past few weeks exploring a new social platform called Steemit – where you can earn real money by blogging. Due to this I have neglected the Imperial Shuttle model – I promise I will come back to it but I have lost my flow so-to-speak.

I have started a new project, the Y-wing


So off I searched for plenty of reference pictures and some orthographical blueprints, then proceeded to load them up into the awesome PureRef


I blocked out the main forms in these next shots



Next I focused on the front of the craft, refining the form, creating panels, adding windows and guns


Finally, this is a quick render out of Keyshot



Modo basics 1


I have recorded and uploaded the first in a series of tutorial videos discussing the basics of working with The Foundry’s Modo. In this episode I cover the interface, 3D viewport options, shading modes and navigation.

It’s available to watch on YouTube

and on Vid.Me if that’s more your bag.



I have made a short video demonstrating the use of PureRef, a free program that helps display and manage your reference photos, very useful when doing any kind of digital art.

It’s available to download from https://www.pureref.com/ and is available for Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

Going live

I have decided to start a Youtube channel in order to document my journey in 3D and so I learned how to record my screen with OBS, my voice with an old PS3 Eyetoy camera and I have edited it all up in Adobe Premiere. The result is shown below.

Lambda Class Shuttle


Ever since I first watched The Return Of The Jedi I have had a fondness for the elegance of the Imperial Shuttle, so I decided to make it my first project on here. I will update this post throughout the process.

The first step is to get plenty of reference. I managed to find side, front and rear plans online, but they don’t exactly match. I’m trying my best with the reference photos I have and adjust proportions to suit.

Here I have started to model the main fuselage.


More details around the fuselage, added the tail support and the cockpit.


After adding the tail and wings I made a quick render in Keyshot

Shuttle Render 1

Tonight I have concentrated on the hull guns



Why Modo?


I have had a keen interest in 3D design for a while and have tried most of the top choices of software like 3DS Max, Maya and Cinema 4d. I found them all to be overly complicated and frustrating to use. The bane of my life was the construction history in Maya….grrrr.

Searching for a suitable replacement I stumbled across Modo and decided to give it a try and dove into some online tutorials, in particular videos from the excellent Vaughan Ling. Something just clicked with me and once I understood the alien concept of workplanes 3d modelling became fun with Modo!